Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. manages all your cloud computing needs as your complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider.
We are responsible for making your applications secure, constantly available, and accessible in the event of a disaster.

Protect Your Company & Data From The Inevitable Disaster

With a business continuity plan, the question is not if but when. Disaster can strike a business at any time ranging from large events such as fire, earthquake, or hurricane to small everyday occurrences such as burst pipes, theft, vandalism, or power outages. Any event which causes a company to lose the ability to run business as usual can risk the integrity of the company.

However, business continuity should not only cover the loss of property but also the loss of data. When you think about it, how many hours do your employees spend working at the computer every day? From accessing servers for customer and company files, emailing, and/or conducting business over a VoIP phone, the computer is a critical puzzle to the everyday business of any company. Can you afford to pay employees who cannot work during a computer downtime?

A disaster recovery plan is insurance for your company's data in case of a foreseen or unforeseen emergency. While your disaster recovery plan should cover the backup of your mission-critical data, the plan should also address how quickly the data can be restored after a disaster. Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.'s disaster recovery plans can have your company up and running after an event within minutes instead of hours or days.

Everday Disasters: Crashed Email Servers or Deleted Files

Not all disasters are from catastrophic events such as fires or earthquakes. Imagine the time and money that can be lost by your email server going down or if an employee deletes an important file. How quickly can your server or files be restored? Time is critical for every business, especially when it comes to the ability of your employees to serve your clients.

Many companies rely on the old technology of tape backups which require hours of extensive labor to restore. In fact, common practice for many companies is to keep the tapes in the same location as their servers and computers. Imagine if a disaster occurs to the building itself. If the tapes are store on-site then any chance of recovery is lost. However, even if the tapes are safe odds of recovery is slim. Research from Gartner states, 50% of all tape backups fail to restore.

Is Your Company Prepared for a Disaster?

Ask yourself or your IT director these 5 simple questions to see if you are prepared.

 Does your IT department have an IT disaster recovery plan?

 Are your backup files in a different location?

 Can you afford to pay your employees during computer downtimes?

 Are backups preformed at least daily?

 Has your recovery process been tested?

A disaster recovery plan is critical to any size business, small or large. However, it may sometimes be hard to determine where to begin in creating a plan or if the current plan is substantial. Therefore, Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers a FREE no-obligation on-site disaster risk review. We will walk through your business continuity plan addressing the strong and weak points while providing our expertise and suggestions. Don't have an IT disaster recovery plan in place? No problem, take advantage of our free review to allow us to review your business based on size, budget, and requirements. We will offer a free report of a disaster recovery plan that will best fit your business needs.


FREE Disaster Risk Review

Facts About DR Solutions

The consequences of not having a DR solution in place can be dire for the present and future outlook of a company.

 93% of companies who lost their data center for 10 days filed for bankruptcy within 1 year of the disaster. 50% of companies without data management for the same amount of time filed for bankruptcy immediately. (National Archives & Research Administration in Washington)

 94% of companies who suffered a data loss are not able to continue business. 43% never reopened and 51% closed within 2 years. (University of Texas)

 77% of companies who test their tape backup find backup failures. (Boston Computing Network, Data Loss Statistics)

 50% of all tape backups fail to restore. (Gartner)

Technology Information

Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. uses the most relevant technology in the industry of disaster recovery to ensure your data is safe, secure, and easily accessible. Here is a quick overview:

 Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.'s partnerships include: Microsoft SPLA, VMware VSSP, Double Take Software, Zeus SPLA, and Cisco.

 Our infrastructure is built on a N+1 platform which is a fully redundant system were all equipment is in redundancy.

 Data Center is fully UPS and power redundant along with internet connections that are multi homed running BGP.

 Our data center equipment includes: two routers, two switch Cores Multiple Host Servers, and replicated SANs.