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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with iPad VMware View

Since the release of the iPad VMware View application, many companies are beginning to use the iPad for business needs and replacing traditional laptops. The iPad VMware View application allows users to access their PC through a virtual desktop setup and therefore gain access to all important programs and documents while using Windows. A must have for any sales department, as the virtual desktop on the iPad can be turned in to a powerful selling machine without the hassle of a cumbersome laptop. Without a boot time, sales people can easily create quotes when needed and use the large LCD screen to do on-site demonstrations. Combined with a VPN tunnel, the virtual desktop will meet all security requirements for any industry, including healthcare.

Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. understands how valuable the new technology can be to small business but the capital overlay can keep most small businesses from being able to proceed. Therefore, Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with VMware to create not only an affordable but also scalable virtual desktop infrastructure perfect for the small to midsize business.

Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with the iPad VMware View

By working with VMware, Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is able to seamlessly create the backend infrastructure needed to support the virtual desktop infrastructure on the iPad. At a fraction of the cost to create the infrastructure in-house, Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. allows companies to scale the infrastructure based on their needs. You may add or reduce virtual desktops as your business needs involve. As well, services are billed on a month to month basis, therefore, no worry about a large capital investment increasing your ROI. Never worry about maintenance on the servers, all is covered with Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.'s virtual desktop infrastructure.

From the VMware View website, "iPad users will feel right at home interacting with their View desktop using the gestures we’ve implemented making it easy to do things like click, select, drag and invoke the soft keyboard. We’ve also included support for Bluetooth or dock connected keyboards for those prefer to type on a physical keyboard. In addition to keyboards we’ve also added support for the iPad VGA connector which will let you connect your View desktop to an external monitor or projector. If you wanted to, you could realistically go iPad full time! "

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Lower Costs with VMware View for iPad

Small businesses are able to lower their overall capital with VMware View for iPad. Here are a few of the reasons how Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can help.

With Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.'s infrastructure pay on a month to month basis vs the extensive capital to build the infrastructure in house.

Never worry about cost of maintenance. Included in our virtual desktop packages is maintenance of the virtual servers.

Reduce capital of adding new equipment. Our virtual desktop infrastructure is scalable for your company's requirements. Add new desktops when need or reduce when cutting back.

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