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We are responsible for making your applications secure, constantly available, and accessible in the event of a disaster.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures

In what some people view as a throwback to the “Good ‘ole Days” of computing, virtual desktops are installed and managed centrally rather than at the end user’s location. They allow users to access a standard Windows operating system, either Windows XP or Windows 7, along with whatever applications and data they need. The virtual desktops are delivered directly from our secure data center to your personal computer. In fact, the virtual desktop infrastructure can also be used with the free VMWare View application for the iPad.

Access to these centrally managed desktops is accomplished via standard PC or Mac, or using a low cost thin or zero client. In fact many of our clients start off with their pre-existing PCs but eventually transition to the lower cost, and far easier to manage, thin or zero clients. Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.'s system engineers can take you through the various options available and help you to decide on a solution that is right for your company.

Desktop PCs Today: A Major Management Problem

Once simple devices used to access network resources, desktop PCs have evolved to become a complex assembly of various hardware components, operating system versions, drivers and applications. They require near continual attention and management with special care taken to ensure the latest OS and application patches have been installed successfully. Often, PCs are distributed throughout offices and company locations and, even with the best of remote access software, can sometimes be inaccessible to IT staff without an on-site visit when a critical problem or crash occurs. According to the Gartner Group, maintaining and managing this constantly changing mix of PC hardware and software consumes more than 70% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a typical PC, and it represents the bulk of the help desk workload for many organizations.

No Compromises On Performance

We find that many people mistakenly believe that a centralized desktop, while advantageous in many ways, comes with an inherent performance penalty. For all but the most graphically demanding applications, this simply is not true. At Sameera Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd., our virtual desktops are powered by sophisticated servers which, in turn, are connected to super-fast fiber connected disk storage. This enterprise-grade infrastructure, together with VMware’s industry leading software technology, allows these virtual desktops to simulate and, in many cases, exceed the capabilities of a physical desktop computer.

Inherent Remote Access

One of the greatest benefits of a Cloud Based Desktop is that remote access is built into the offering. This means that whether you are working from your office, your home, or the local coffee house, your desktop is accessible. All you need is an internet connection! There are no extra costs, fees, or additional layers of management required for this functionality. Of course, remote access CAN be locked down for security sensitive desktops should the need arise.

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Virtual Desktops Cut Costs

Virtual desktop infrastructures can help your company decrease costs as well as improve overall productivity.

• Purchase of thin clients cut costs spent on replacement PCs.

Less cost spent on IT support staff as there are fewer problems and support is more centralized and efficient.

Worker productivity is improved because of reduced PC downtime and the ability to access desktops from multiple locations.

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